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How to play ball

How to play ball The best online casino game ever in this industry. We have exciting games and games specially selected for you, full of colorful, many types for you to choose from more than 100 games, and with many experiences, we focus on fast, safe, honest service. Reliable, Withdraw – Immediate withdrawal 24 hours. We provide 365 days no holiday. If you want to play or withdraw, we withdraw immediately without conditions. And if wanting to deposit at any time, can contact at any time Poker is a game that relies on luck. The science of probability, psychology and expertise in playing in order to make a profit in playing. In this article, here are the abbreviations. (Is an international acronym Of those who study and play poker) A is Ace (Ace), K is King, Q is Queen or Madam, J is Jack, T is Ten, and ranking of cards in poker from highest to lowest can be arranged from AKQJT 10 9 8 7. 6 5 4 3 2 where A can represent the number 1 as well. Hand Ranks The strength of the cards is sorted from highest to lowest (top to bottom).

  • Royal Straight Flush, a card consisting of A, K, Q, J, 10 with any of the same suit (if they have the same, it is considered the largest of the spades)
  • Straight Flush is 5 cards in sequence And with the same flower
  • Four of a kind, 4 cards of the same rank (Nickname: Quad)
  • Full House (Double House) consists of Tong and Pair. If the points are equal, count first. Followed by double points
  • Flush. 5 cards of the same suit. In the case of having more than 1 flush, count the most cards. (Considered to be the Kicker)
  • Straight: Any card with 5 consecutive points (Note: the lowest order is 5 4 3 2 A and the highest order is AKQJT) in the case of having more than 1 of the same rank Stir to count from the most leaves. (Considered to be a Kicker) Note: A (Aces) can be both the lowest and highest.
  • Three (a of kind) 3 cards of the same value (Note: If there are three points of equal value, count 2 Kicker, for example 444KJ will win 444J3) (Nickname: Trips, Triple)
  • 2 pairs (Two pairs) have 2 pairs (Note: Case 1, if two pairs are the same Count the highest number first, such as AAJJ5 to beat JJ553) (Case 2: The highest pair are the same. Next number will be counted, for example KK99J wins KK22A) (Case 3: Both pairs have the same number of 1 Kicker For example AAKKQ wins AAKKJ)
  • 1 pair (1 pair) card with 1 pair (Note: If there is the same pair of cards, count the Kicker numbers, for example AAK65 will win AAQ65)
  • High card if nothing is said To count the highest card Who has the highest card wins? (If the first highest card is the same, count the second number If the second number is equal again To divide the pot)

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