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Link to UFABET , Let’s play card games. You can’t listen to it. Because the card that says Not an ordinary card It’s a blackjack card Believe it is fun Answering members Because card games that are as fun to play as blackjack That is no more With fun cards The more fun playing with a group of people We therefore want members to come to play blackjack with us. We will volunteer as a mentor for you. Will make you understand easily And play better. Blackjack (English: blackjack) is a type of card game with the number of cards combined as close as possible to 21 or 21 to win. If the total face value of the cards exceeds 21, it is immediately lost. Hinted like this Wow together As to why it’s easy to play, like this, everyone can definitely win the bet.
Face value
A (Ace, H) has a value of 1 or 11, depending on the rules of Blackjack. For example, having A, 9 in the hand has a value of 10/20 etc.
Cards 2-10 have a value according to card face
Cards J (Jack), Q (Queen, Ma’am), K (King) have a value of 10.
How to play
Players: 2 or more
Players place bets in squares.
The dealer first gave each player a card and then gave it to himself. In which the player receives 2 cards each and the dealer gets 1 card or 1 face up, 1 card (players’ cards must always be face down)
If the two cards of the players total and the points on the cards are still very far from 21, can call an unlimited number of cards But if the points on the card exceed 21, lose immediately (call each card one by one, respectively The dealer calls the card the last one)
Blackjack rules The dealer will call a card to a minimum of 17 points. If the player has scored 16 or less, the dealer is considered lost.
If the player is satisfied that the 16th can be stopped. Waiting for the dealer to score more than 21 players will win.
Blackjack Vocabulary
Blackjack: Getting 21 points instantly when the first two cards are dealt.
Hit: Call for more cards to get as close to 21 points as possible.
Stand: Satisfied with the card acquired. (Other names: Stay, Stick, Stand pat)
Double down (can only be used when the first 2 cards are dealt): This will increase your bet by 100% according to the rules of Blackjack. Players place bets over the four lines. In this case, only 1 additional card can be called to see what the third card will be.
Split (can only be used when the first 2 cards are given): If a player receives a pair of cards, such as two 5 cards, the dealer asks if they want to split? If yes, players can play 2 sets of cards at that time
Surrender (can only be used when the first 2 cards are dealt): In some games, players can ask to surrender And get only half of the bet back
Insurance (can only be used when the first 2 cards are dealt): If the dealer’s first card is A, the dealer asks if they have Insurance? If you do, add another half of the bet amount (for example, the bet of 10, Insurance is 5) because the dealer’s A card is considered a high risk of winning. If the dealer gets blackjack, the player will get back the extra insurance money. On the other hand, if the dealer loses the insurance money

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